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STG launches Konqis,
Taxonomy & Classification Services

About Konqis

A comprehensive classification system for English & Chinese language content, provides accurate, comprehensive, richly detailed metadata, designed specifically for use by Law Firms, Corporate Legal, Accounting Firms and other document savvy Financial Institutions. Konqis receives your English, Chinese or English Chinese mixed language content and automatically returns relevant metadata, using standardized terminology from the Konqis Document Taxonomy.

Smart Services

Konqis goes well beyond mere text extraction; it uses human-created semantic rules to understand your content and identify the most pertinent concepts and topics.


What Types of Metadata (Tag) Are Returned?

Drawing from the Konqis Document Taxonomy, the tagging service looks at each piece of submitted content and returns standardized properties for all the relevant taxonomy terms that triggered a semantic rule. You can specify which practice areas of coverage the service should return too.

After all the matching metadata values have been identified, the service checks for additional standardized properties based on relationships stored in the Konqis Document Taxonomy. For example, the Document Class hierarchy ensures that any item tagged with “Share Purchase Agreement” is also tagged with “Sports”, and any content that picks up a sports league is tagged with the relevant sport subject.

Finally, the metadata output is enhanced with additional data properties. For example, companies are given a ticker, CXO are associated with their companies, and geographic locations get City & Country data. You can also access the Konqis Document Taxonomy for additional information about any given tag.

How Does It Work?

Subscribers can access the tagging service by making calls by submitting a Document Content in plain text contained in a RESTful request body.

Tagging service data can be returned in a Semantic-Web compatible format, JSONs.

Konqis also provides an Agent Component that can fetch documents from common Document Stores like Sharepoint, OneDrive, iManage and NetDocuments, tag the documents and re-index back to the document stores.


Konqis is able to Identify the different types of content, then the document will be automatically tagged into the relevant context of the document via a simple restful KONQIS (Konqis Application Programming Interface). Even though the file version is using Asian language, the service is still tailored to take advantage of multi-layered machine learning technology to more accurately process Asian languages. The powerful analysis could understand the content and classify it successfully.

Enhanced Data Sets

Konqis is powered by the multi-layered machine learning technology which provides Konqis ability to tag, comment and enrich data sets.

Sensitive Information

Konqis is able to access to any sensitive information and the top management could locate sensitive information within firms and set up restrictions rules to ensure that local laws are enforced.

Value The Data

Konqis eliminates unnecessary data and reduces data volume processing, resulting in working efficiency improvement.



Deliver targeted, relevant knowledge and precedents.


Create engaging search and discovery experiences for users.


Support contextual expertise advertising.

Konqis has been adopted by top companies in Asia, and these companies are impressed with the ease of use of such technologies. The goal of Konqis is aiming to help Asia’s artificial intelligence solutions like “RAVN” better understand the insights of legal documents.

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